The only country in South America that will require a VISA for citizens of the United States and Canada from 2025

The only country in South America that will require a VISA for citizens of the United States and Canada from 2025

Since 2019, US citizens could visit this South American country without a visa, which encouraged tourism and cultural exchange. However, due to political changes and the need for reciprocitythe Government has decided to alter this policy. From April 2025This Latin American nation will require American, Canadian and Australian citizens to obtain a visa to enter its territory.

A country of South America has introduced a policy through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs to foster reciprocal international relations and ensure equitable treatment. This regulation is expected to affect mainly tourists and businessmen from the United States, Canada and Australia, who will now have to plan their trips to this country in advance.

” title=” The current price for processing an American visa is US$185, according to the USCIS. Photo: LR composition / Guide to the USA
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The current price for processing an American visa is US$185, according to the USCIS. Photo: LR composition / Guide to the USA

This is the South American country that will require visas from US and Canadian citizens starting in 2025

Brazil, the South American giant known for its cultural diversity and impressive natural resources, has decided to implement visa requirements for tourists from the United States, Canada and Australia. This measure, announced by Embraturthe Brazilian National Tourism Office, aims to foster a more equitable exchange in international visits.

In 2023, American travelers accounted for second largest group of tourists in Brazilwho enjoyed its beaches, its Amazon rainforest and its vibrant urban life. With the new visa policy, these tourists will have to adjust their plans and apply for the corresponding visa before traveling. This guideline seeks reciprocity in diplomatic relations, but also regulates the flow of visitors and ensures adequate control of entry and exit from the country.

The other country that will require a visa to travel to Brazil from 2025

In addition to citizens of the United States and Canada, Brazil has extended the new visa policy to travelers from Australia. The inclusion of this nation is part of a broader strategy to ensure fair treatment in the country’s entry and exit requirements. According to sources from the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this decision is part of an effort to Strengthening bilateral relations.

How can Americans get a visa to go to Brazil?

Starting in April 2025, US citizens will be required to apply for an eVisa to enter Brazil. This process can be done entirely online through the Official Brazilian Visa Portalfacilitating efficient and convenient processing for applicants.

The eVisa allows travelers from the United States, as well as those from Canada and Australia, to complete the application process and obtain approval without the need to visit an embassy or consulateHowever, it is crucial that applicants check the specific requirements and processing times in advance to avoid any setbacks in their travel plans. This system streamlines the application process, but also ensures that visitors comply with all regulations for entering the country.

American visa

Year after year, many people apply for an American visa. Photo: Pixabay

What other South American countries require visas from Americans?

In addition to Brazil, several South American countries require U.S. citizens to obtain a visa prior to arrival. Bolivia, Paraguay and Venezuela are some of the countries that maintain this visa policy. Each of them has specific requirements and procedures that vary according to the purpose of the trip and the length of the stay.

For example, Bolivia requires a tourist visa which can be obtained at through your consulate or upon arrival at some entry pointswhile Paraguay and Venezuela require travelers to apply for visas in advance at their respective embassies or consulates. These regulations highlight the diversity of visa policies in South America and the need for travelers to be adequately informed before planning their trips.

The South American country that surpassed the United States

Chile, with its solid position in the VisaGuide.World rankingallows its citizens to access 124 destinations without the need for a prior visa. This remarkable figure places the Chilean passport in 40th place worldwide, according to this ranking. Chile’s political and economic stability, together with its effective diplomatic strategies, are determining factors in obtaining this classification.

The Chilean passport allows entry to 177 countries. Photo: Metro Latinoamérica

This passport allows its user to access around 124 different nations without the need for a visa. Photo: Metro Latinoamérica

Chile’s rise in the passport rankings is due to several key factors. First, Chile maintains an active and proactive foreign policyestablishing numerous visa waiver agreements with countries around the world. In addition, the country’s internal stability plays a key role in the global perception of its passport.

The fact that Chile manages to surpass the American passport —according to the ranking of VisGuide.World— is due to additional restrictions imposed on certain countries in recent years by the United States. Currently, the American giant’s passport allows visa-free access to 143 destinations, placing it 42nd in the world ranking.

How and where can I apply for my US visa?

If you wish to apply for a tourist visa, you need to take into account the following points:

  1. Complete form DS-160. You must fill out this form online with your personal information to request the visa.
  2. Make the visa application fee payment (MRV). It costs $160 and you have to go to any Scotiabank branch. The amount is non-refundable.
  3. Schedule an appointment at the Embassy. Once your payment has been processed, go back to the Visa Information Service page and find out the date of your interview with the consular officer.
  4. Attend the interview at the Embassy. The procedure is in person and personal, so you must arrive a few minutes before the scheduled time.
  5. Receive your American visa. If the application has been successfully approved, it will be attached to your passport.

What is the F visa?

The category of F-1 Visa either F is for an “academic student.” With it, the student will be able to study full-time at his or her chosen institution, secondary school, training school, seminary, or conservatory, which must be authorized by the United States Government to accept international students. Upon completion of the study, the student must obtain his or her corresponding degree, diploma, or certificate.

What does B-1 and B-2 mean on a visa?

Business people enter the United States temporarily with a B-1 visa, while those who enter temporarily for pleasure need a B-2 visa.

The B-1 and B-2 visitor visa must be obtained through a U.S. consulate, meaning the applicant must apply for the actual visa from abroad, through the U.S. Embassy in his or her country of residence.