The only island on Earth that is inside 2 lakes and, in turn, inside 2 other islands: it is in America

The only island on Earth that is inside 2 lakes and, in turn, inside 2 other islands: it is in America

In a territory of America, there is a geographical wonder which stands out for a great peculiarity: an island within a lake, which in turn is on an island within another lake, all this within another island. This phenomenon, known as a “recursive island“, is a rare example of the natural complexity of our planet. In addition, this rare wonder is the largest example of a peculiar geographical formation, according to National Geographic.

The fascinating configuration of Victoria Island, with its layers of islands and lakes, stands out for its rarity and for its size. This rare wonder in America has been the subject of debate and comparisons with other similar formations in different parts of the world, such as PhilippinesThe competition for the title of the largest “triple island” reveals the richness and diversity of these geographical curiosities.

What is the triple island that attracts attention in America?

The most striking “triple island of America” ​​is undoubtedly Victoria Island in Canada. This geographical formation is renowned for its impressive size and complexity. With an area of ​​217,291 km², This is the second largest island in Canada and the eighth in the world. Its name honors Queen Victoria, who ruled Canada from 1867 to 1901.

The “triple island” phenomenon means that within the large Victoria Island, there is a lake containing another island, and within the latter, there is another lake with its own island. Despite its size and peculiarity, neither the island nor the bodies of water within it have specific names, which adds an air of mystery to this natural wonder.

Why does that American island stand out?

Located in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, Victoria Island straddles the boundary between Nunavut and the Northwest TerritoriesIts shape resembles a maple leaf, the iconic symbol of Canada. This unique shape and its location in a remote region contribute to its status as a little-known gem of the natural world.

Victoria Island is larger than Great Britain’s island and only slightly smaller than Japan’s Honshu. Its vast territory and complex structure of islands and lakes make it a fascinating destination for explorers and lovers of geographical curiosities.

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The island has a silhouette reminiscent of the iconic symbol of Canada. Photo: Google Maps screenshot

What is the other similar island that has a Guinness record?

In Asia, there is another “triple island” that has captured the public’s imagination: Vulcan Point in the PhilippinesAccording to the Guinness Book of Records, Vulcan Point is the largest volcano in the world. This formation is located in Lake Taal, within the island of Luzon. Lake Taal is home to a volcano that has been dormant since 1977, whose crater has accumulated rainwater and formed an inland lake with its own island.

Despite the Guinness Book’s claims, National Geographic maintains that Victoria Island in Canada isin fact, the largest “triple island”.

What other islands stand out in the world?

The “triple islands” are not the only curious geographical formations in the world. A notable example is an enclave in the United Arab Emirateswhere a village is completely surrounded by Oman, which in turn is surrounded by the United Arab Emirates. This intricate enclave arose from the desires of the inhabitants to belong to different countries, showing the complexity of political and geographical borders.