Prairie Stars on the Move: Sarah Murray

Sarah Murray

Sarah Murray

Even in the face of this year’s obstacles, one student on campus refusing to let anything stop her from succeeding is Sarah Murray.

            Among other things, she is an exercise science major, psychology minor, Capital Scholars Honors student, the Treasurer of PERIOD Club and the President of the National Society of Leadership and Success’ UIS Chapter. Murray has also led Dungeons & Dragons groups hosted by the Computer Science Club and participated in Psychology Club events on campus. Her versatility and determined mindset are evident in all of her endeavors at UIS.

            Her outlook on 2020 is a hopeful one as she has decided not to let the year’s chaos prevent her from overcoming the many obstacles put forth by the pandemic and other situational occurrences. “The biggest value I am working on embodying is a victor mindset,” Murray said. “I am doing everything in my power to make this my year despite [all of the challenges and unpredictability]. I like to think that 2020 is happening for me and not happening to me.”

            When asked what other values she tries to embody, Murray stated that she strives for consistency and inquisitiveness:

“I want to be someone that is always striving to know more…to keep learning and developing who I am. Additionally, I want to be someone people can count on. Being consistent allows people to know that I am always there and ready to support.”

            The person who inspires her most in her life is her mother, who is in the final stages of breast cancer. “…She was so strong during all of it,” Murray shared. “She handled such a difficult challenge with grace and made it look easy. I know I have never endured anything close to the battle she just underwent but I hope I can be half of who she is as I continue to face new battles.”

            Work and education aside, Sarah Murray enjoys quality time with her pets, reading and continuing to learn on her own. The pandemic has given her increased opportunities to do so while completing online classes from home. Currently, she recommends the novel Eat a Peach by David Chang as a story of inspiration.

            Finally, she emphasized that her goal is to never stop growing and trying new things. “I am constantly working on being a better person than I was the day before,” Murray added. “I do not know what tomorrow holds, but I do know that I want to make it better than today.”