Springfield Enos Park Terrain Biennial


Terrain Biennial 2021 | Photo Credit: Terrain Exhibitions (http://www.terrainexhibitions.org/)

Although not seen much by the student body of UIS, Springfield has a thriving art scene, largely centered around the Springfield Art Association, just north of Downtown Springfield. An ongoing public art exhibition called the Terrain Biennial at Enos Park is a highly visible showcase of the city’s art community, and will remain open until Saturday, Nov. 13, 2021.

The Terrain Biennial is a series of art pieces, murals and statues spread across the historic Enos Park neighborhood north of downtown Springfield, by a range of artists hailing from throughout Illinois as well as Missouri, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio and Tennessee – including a sculpture by students from the UIS Visual Arts Department. Ranging from paintings on walls of buildings to a series of flags on a front porch and banners on fences to glass cases on the ground, the Terrain Biennial connects artists and their art to communities and individuals. A major goal of the Terrain Biennial project is to take art out of the elite, privileged urban centers and bringing it to a venue of the common person, highlighting the idea that art, beauty and voice belong to the masses, not simply those in power. Where art in museums creates a separate space for art and life, public art smashes that divide and reminds viewers that art and life can exist together.

The Terrain Biennial in Enos Park consists of more than two dozen art pieces in public spaces scattered across about 12 blocks in and around the Enos Park neighborhood and will be open to public viewing until November 13. Each site has a stand with papers that describe the piece and due to being a public project, there are no opening and closing hours. However, maps of the project can guide viewers to the different sites and are available for free at the Springfield Art Association’s main building at 700 N. Fourth Street Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.