Tranquil World Anyone?


Photograph courtesy of Pushpita Choudhury

Love makes the world go round. How wonderful is it in its playfulness that it’s absolutely true! One of the major concerns and goals on a collective scale for everyone in a perfect world would be nothing but world peace. And of course, true love. Like Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. It all starts from within us. We are the origin to peace, love and compassion we desire to experience flowing everywhere and within everyone.
Our history paints a rather colourful and dark picture of wars and discord that has spanned centuries. It definitely teaches us a lot. It has also shown us ways and precious lessons in our own ability to change the path of the entire human race. But do we learn from it? We only keep experiencing incidents which are painful for us again and again until we learn from it. Imagine when we straighten our mind and thoughts to reflect the peace, joy and happiness that we wish to see everywhere else too. Imagine allowing this simple idea to take hold of you, that by taking steps to bring peace in our own lives can we begin to respect providing the same to others.
The world is all about staying up to date on the current events. Surfing the various news channels only reminds us about how this world is more chaotic and unbalanced than yesterday. In the light of various crimes and events that we hear about every day, is it any harder to imagine why we take a hundred different precautions to make sure we are always safe and sound. We humans have seen polarity in every aspect of life. That gives us the knowledge that we do have the choice in everything.
Our control over our mind and the choices that we make are the true power that can bring about tremendous change. Our intention to practice spending time to be mindful of our thoughts and how we react to them can pave a totally new path for us all. True guidance will show up once we seek for it. Knowing that we, at an individual level, can make a difference will bring about a positive change to ourselves and our society.
At our core, we are all love. We are the creations of god, the divine, the universal energy. If we don’t love ourselves, then who will? Loving means respecting ourselves for who we are with our good and bad. Embracing the shades of ourselves that others make fun of. The day we truly accept our self will mark an enormous and life changing moment in the history. Because, one person can make the difference. One single person can be the spark that starts a wildfire.
Within our hearts what choices and thoughts swirl there? Looking around us what prompts people to make certain decisions in their lives? If we look deep enough we’ll know it’s all fear based. How about replacing that with love? Can it guarantee world peace and bring us true happiness? We can try and see where it goes. But we wouldn’t that know until we start doing it.
Respecting ourselves is respecting everyone. Promote love, for us and for the world around us. As they say; what goes around comes around. Sow the seeds of love and you will have an entire planet blooming and glowing with it.