USPS and the Rippling Effects of a Pandemic


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As the nation heavily relies on essential businesses and services that currently remain open, one such service has been faced with crossfire as it fights to keep its doors open: the United States Postal Service (USPS). During the past week or so, there have been a lot of news outlets circling around the topic of the USPS and how it is currently being affected by the current pandemic. Of all essential services, USPS ranks as one of the most important by far. As the business plays such a crucial role, acting as an essential lifeline of efficiency within the nation, the U.S. cannot afford to lose their massive federal mailing service. Even in the event that USPS closes down temporarily, the country would be dealt a huge loss which would also have a negative impact on the livelihood of millions of people. 

An abundance of mixed messages regarding the unfolding of recent events has brought on utter confusion among citizens. Many are left with questions regarding the possibility of a forceful USPS halt. In the simplest of terms, USPS has encountered impending financial difficulty to maintain a functioning service. In its realization of possible financial drought, USPS made notice that without government assistance in its funding, the service could run out of finances by September. Alongside pleas from USPS for government assistance, people have been righteously petitioning, siding with the governmental service to keep it running. The ongoing pandemic has only lowered the chances of USPS’s continued existence as it increases the concerns of an abundance of people.  

The potential of USPS closing has created a lot of controversies as people consider the negative impacts of forfeiting the company for alternatives. The majority of the concerns circle around the possibility of privatizing USPS which would mean it would be paying federal state, and local taxes and become more susceptible to market competition. This would wreak havoc across the country, most of all resulting in immense job losses. 

Such an occurrence would threaten the future of many citizens and their means of making a living. The absence of USPS would halt the deliveries of critical packages to the American people. Such items include important medicines, voting ballots and, most recently, personal protective equipment (PPE). The country undoubtedly has a heavy reliance on the USPS. Without it, there is no telling which direction the nation might go and where people might turn.