Review of Amy Schumer: Growing

Despite the negative audience response to her last Netflix special, controversial comedian Amy Schumer came back undeterred for another hour-long set entitled Amy Schumer Growing It is a fitting title given the focus of Schumer’s set. Not only is Schumer pregnant with her first child during the set, but she herself is trying to grow as a comedian.

For those of you who have not seen The Leather Special, I envy you. The set boiled down to an hour of Schumer calling herself a “dirty slut” and relying on the same raunchy sex jokes throughout. Bland, boring and offering no depth beyond the gross, this special stood out as for all the wrong reasons. With that reputation behind her and motherhood ahead, Schumer has chosen to walk a different path.

Opening with a riff on her “frat girl” reputation, Schumer sets up a special about the changes and challenges she has come to face in her path to motherhood. From her battles with hyperemesis (extreme nausea and vomiting), to the ways movies have failed to capture the gross realities of pregnancy, the set carries a layer of reality that almost makes it feel genuine. Almost.

Scattered among these pieces of human comedy is the same old Schumer fare. From jokes about her husband’s autism, to some annoying LGBTQIA+ stereotypes, this set still relies on the crass “humor” of The Leather Special and shows Schumer’s comedy has not moved entirely beyond the plateau of previous years.

Overall, the special is not perfect, but it does show a marked improvement when compared to her previous sets. The more genuine side Schumer starts to show in this special does give some hope for further improvement down the line. I would not go out of my way to recommend Amy Schumer: Growing but I will not call it a complete failure.