Restructure of the Leadership for Life Program


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Leadership for Life is the on-campus volunteer program for students who wish to pursue a lifetime of service. This program consists of working as a volunteer in five different areas. These areas are community awareness, youth and education, hunger and homelessness, sustainability, and public health. On top of this volunteering, there is a classroom component that counts as three credit hours of ECCE credit. Leadership for Life offers students a way to continue volunteer service past high school with like-minded people of a similar age, and it also provides a way for people who love volunteering to make life-long relationships with others who volunteer as well.

Traditionally, Leadership for Life was only offered to incoming freshman students who were living on campus.

This restriction was due to a requirement that all Leadership for Life members live in the same wing in one of the residence halls. This requirement is now being amended to allow exemptions to students who are either commuters or students who are no longer freshmen. Students are encouraged to live in the Leadership for Life wing, but it is no longer mandatory.

This change is intended to expand the Leadership for Life program and increase the number of people who can apply. Many students in the past have been dissuaded from joining Leadership for Life because they were either commuters or new freshmen who were worried about overextension by taking on another program.

By extending the program to these students, the opportunities that are offered by Leadership for Life become available to anyone who wishes to participate rather than only freshmen. Leadership for Life is currently accepting applications with guaranteed housing until June 1. For further information about either Leadership for Life or questions about the Volunteer Center, contact Jill Hawkins at [email protected]