Mad Max: Fury Road Is The Best Movie Ever


Many years have passed since we’ve had a good movie to write home about. Although many people find Avengers to be the best movie ever made, the problem that comes with it is that you have to watch 600 other movies in order to understand what’s going on. Horror movies seem to be on a steep decline, with many of them rehashing old stories or using cheap jump scares to build suspense. Even would-be-beautiful remakes – such as Jacob’s Ladder – leave a sour taste in my mouth for potential release. But four years later, there is still one movie that outshines them all, and that movie is Mad Max: Fury Road.

What makes this movie so great? How does it still manage to stand against Avengers and horrible remakes? The answer is rather simple: every scene is perfect. There is no scene within the movie that isn’t necessary, each line and action has purpose, and from a single movie we are able to gather all the information we need to know the lore and characters intimately. Each camera shot is made so that we, the viewer, do not have to move our eyes from corner to corner whilst watching the movie. Everything in the movie often filmed dead center so that we are able to catch every single piece of information that the director wants us to see. Everything is a deliberate action, from character interaction to physical, and every piece to this movie’s puzzle lines up perfectly to give us a complete masterpiece. What many movies fail to understand is that, most of the time, viewers don’t care about useless filler. We paid to see a movie and that is what we want to see, not a useless scene about the character liking cake. We don’t care! This is what makes Fury Road even better because it cuts out all the useless junk and gives us what we want on top of it being feminist!

In fact, Fury Road isn’t a story about Max but, rather, a story about a group of women running away from a patriarchal society and overthrowing it. This makes the movie even more beautiful, because the supposed main character of the story isn’t even the main character. We’re thrown for a loop and get to see a wonderful action packed film about badass women killing their oppressors with the help of a lonesome guy.

In addition, the colors of the movie are so beautiful and vibrant that nothing seems too mellow or gray. The movie isn’t scared to add color, take risky shots, and add its own personal flair for its dramatics which adds to the chaotic nature of the world of Fury Road. In fact, the movie almost begs to be watched in black and white.

Fury Road is perhaps the best and only great movie ever in the modern era. And if you are ever looking for a good movie to watch, look no further and buy this one.